19th January, 2019 Seminar on “IBC, Valuation & Forensic Audit”

Session: I (05:30 P.M. to 07:30 P.M.)

Overview and  Recent Development in IBC.

-Adv. Ashok Juneja  Ji

-CA (Dr.) Durga Das Agrawal  Ji

(Ex-Chairman, NIRC-ICAI)

Session: II (07:30 P.M. to 08:30 P.M.)

Registered value under IBC and Opportunities.

-CA Devendra Lodha  Ji

Session: III (08:30 P.M. to 09:30 P.M.)

Overview of Forensic Audit.

-CA Shallu Arora Ji


Dinner:- 09:30 P.M  Onwards